Photo montage of people enjoying various ABL fundraisers

ABL Bingo Ranch

The ABL Bingo Ranch was established in 1987 for the sole purpose of providing funding to the Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center. All proceeds continue to support the ABL Training center and it's affiliates. 

Location: 425 Ranch Road, Judice, LA 70529

Mary Roy & Jennora Thibodeaux at 


For more information on hours of operation, sessions and specials, check the ABL Bingo Ranch Facebook page:

The ABL Bingo Ranch offers paper bingo, I-Bingo computers, video bingo, linked bingo and an array of exciting pull tab games. A full concession stand is also available. 

How Can You Help?

To help in any way, please contact us here at the ABL Training Center by giving us a call, making a donation, or just stopping by.