Blind men and women learning how to walk through a busy intersection controlled by a traffic light

Apartment Communities

Maison de Lemaire, named after founder John Lemaire; and Daigle House, named after charter members Calvin and Enise Daigle, are apartment communities with subsidized housing for people with disabilities. Both properties serve the physically disabled, blind, and others with a permanent, safe, sanitary, secure, affordable, and available place to live.

Maison de Lemaire is a 23-unit complex that was sponsored by ABLTC in 2002.

For more information on Maison de Lemaire, click here.

Daigle House is a 32-unit complex that was sponsored by ABLTC in 2010.

For more information on Daigle House, click here.

How Can You Help?

To help in any way, please contact us here at the ABL Training Center by giving us a call, making a donation, or just stopping by.