Blind men and women learning how to walk through a busy intersection controlled by a traffic light

Eye Deal Store

The Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center also operates a small retail store which, in addition to providing a training opportunity for consumers, sells items specifically designed to assist individuals with visual and hearing impairments in daily living skills.

These items include talking watches, clocks, and calculators; writing paper, guides, and pens; playing cards, cooking utensils, and sewing needles. We also stock an assortment of items with which appliances, thermostats, computer keyboards, etc. can be marked.

For more information, or to check product availability, contact:

Sally Fontenot at (337) 234-6492

eye deal store

How Can You Help?

To help in any way, please contact us here at the ABL Training Center by giving us a call, making a donation, or just stopping by.