Photo montage of people having fun at various ABL fundraisers

Join Us for VI Family Fun Day! 

Come and join us at Affiliated Blind of Louisiana for VI Family Fun Day, Saturday, April 29th, 2022 form 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Hosted by Blind Grace, LA AER Chapter & Affiliated Blind of Louisiana, Training Center. There will be activities for all ages to enjoy such as games, prizes, educational vendor, exhibitors, food, music and more! 

                          Camp ABLE

Affiliated Blind of Louisiana invites you to join us at Camp ABLE 2022!

Saturday, June 18 – Saturday, June 24, 2022

We’re on the move to an exciting summer for High School Students, ages 15-19.

Start your week on Saturday, June 18 with a Family Fun Day sponsored by Blind Grace at the ABL Training Center. Check in at the dorms to begin your exciting week at camp!

Weekly Camp ABLE activities include:

  • Independent Living lessons including cooking, cleaning, and money management.
  • Orientation and Mobility field trips to Epic Entertainment, Acadiana Lanes, Zoosiana, Borden’s Ice Cream Shop and even more.
  • Technology Classes teaching you about programs and apps that you can use for safe travel, reading, or just to have some fun
  • Job Exploration groups that will inspire you to explore all the employment opportunities available to you, including job site excursions.
  • Self-Advocacy seminars educating you on how to speak out and communicate your needs to others around you.

End your week on Saturday, June 24 with a Goodbye brunch, and certificate presentation from 9:300am to noon. Check out of your dorm room and make plans to come back next year!

We want you to have lots of fun at Camp ABLE while beginning pre-employment activities to introduce you to ideas that will shape your future. You can make the right decisions about what training, education, and occupation is right for you and we want to help!

Click the link to register online:

ABL Community Reach Out 

Affiliated Blind of Louisiana would like to introduce a new opportunity for community engagement for the DeafBlind residents of Lafayette. Our goal is to drive better community understanding, deeper support for this disability group, and promoting a caring community. Changing attitudes from apathetic to excited, limited to expansive, and frustrating to encouraging is why we reach out!

Southwest Louisiana has the highest population of DeafBlind citizens in the United States due to Usher Syndrome. This genetic disorder causes a combination of hearing loss and visual impairment. Isolation and lack of communication, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, has limited the independence of the DeafBlind population. Due to this lack of communication, these individuals miss out on pertinent information about community events. 

Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Community Reach Out will bring together resources for the DeafBlind population in Lafayette by educating community organizations to better understand the needs of this disability group and provide accessibility during local events.   

  • Consulting and Collaboration – The ABL Reach Out team will partner with local organizations to facilitate inclusion and community engagement for persons who are DeafBlind. We will guide Lafayette businesses and organizations to incorporate a process for fostering accessibility and inclusion at their local events.        
  • Interpreting and Support Service Providers - ABL Reach Out will provide platform interpreters and support service providers, using tactile interpreting, to allow for community engagement. Providing these services gives the DeafBlind population access to full participation in local events.
  • Marketing – Businesses and organizations that participate in the ABL Reach Out program and promote the value of including DeafBlind and blind neighbors in local events will be featured on local television, radio, and social media platforms.

For more information check out the ABL Community Reach Out event page:

Actions and Considerations Due to Covid-19/Coronavirus

Affiliated Blind of Louisiana is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and safety of all students, staff, and visitors. We are continuing to monitor recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well state and local health officials, on an on-going basis for recommendations and to ensure we are following the latest requirements to curb the prevention and spread of the COVID-19/Coronavirus.


As part of the mitigation strategy, our campus is closed to tours, visitors, and guests; although staff will be working during this time. All on-site events, conferences, and gatherings have been cancelled or postponed, and staff travel for work has been discontinued as well. 


While staff are working, we will continue to be available by phone, text, video phone, and email and will be providing as many services as possible through these means and/or alternative formats. We understand the importance of our services to the individuals we serve and will do our best to maintain the provision of as many services as possible given these unique circumstances. We will continue to provide updates about any changes through our website, email, and on social media. Please stay safe, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Susan Reed, Program Director, by calling (337)234-6492 or emailing 

How Can You Help?

To help in any way, please contact us here at the ABL Training Center by giving us a call, making a donation, or just stopping by.